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Trips to the WWII Redsand Towers 2017

Trips to the WWII Redsand Towers 2017

X-Pilot Official Project Redsand Supply Vessel

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The Redsand Tower Trips, are non-boarding or, as we describe them, viewing trips, but they are still the best way to see and photograph the towers because X-Pilot is the official Project Redsand supply vessel and we can get closer than any other vessel! On the standard trips you can expect to spend one hour sailing between, through and around the towers offering some exceptional opportunities for photography. Please note that return times, especially on trips from Rochester and the Grand Forts Tours, are approximate.

The trips from Rochester Pier (ME1 1SW) sail from opposite Rochester Castle. The Redsand Towers Trips from Rochester sail past Chatham Historic Dockyard, between the Napoleonic Forts, out into the Thames Estuary and on to the Redsand Towers and last approximately 6 hours.

The Redsand Tower Trips from Queenborough sail from the All Tide Landing (ME11 5AA) and last approximately 4 hours.

Both departure points are in the county of Kent in the Southeast of England.

The Grand Forts Tour is a superb eight plus hour adventure and has to sail from Queenborough All Tide Landing (ME11 5AA) because otherwise it would be a ten or eleven hour trip! We sail to the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery, the Grain Fort, the Knock John Fort, the Shivering Sands Towers and the Redsand Towers.

You can call on 01634 301910 (all enquiries or booking) or or 07960 574821 to make a booking and for payment details. Alternatively xpilot@blueyonder.co.uk is our email address. We always respond to answerphone messages but if contacting us from overseas it may be best to email.


One thought on “Trips to the WWII Redsand Towers 2017

Simon BrandishPosted on  11:51 am - May 30, 2017

Hi There,

I can see from the website that you mainly do non-boarding trips to the forts, is there any trips that run where you can actually go in the forts?

Any information would be much appreciated.

Marta BujanPosted on  11:28 am - Jan 2, 2018

Dear sirs, we will be in England next february, do you have tours to the redsand fort? It is far from London? Thank you very much! Greetings from Buenos Aires!

John AnstissPosted on  8:53 pm - Jan 14, 2018

Will you be doingtrips out to the Mansell sea forts in 2018 and what will be the approximate cost for a party of about 10 ?

SandraPosted on  8:51 am - Jan 18, 2019

We will be visiting Dover early November 19 from Australia. Will you be conducting tours then and approximate cost per person. Thanks

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