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Standard Redsand Towers Sailing

Sail from the All Tide Landing at Queenborough Harbour (ME11 5EL) to the Redsand Towers – Redsand Towers Trip

Four hours (approximately)

Coronavirus Update – X-Pilot resumed sailings in April 2021, but you should be aware that the situation is in constant flux and we will continue to follow government advice as updates are issued. X-Pilot currently offers a COVID-19 booking guarantee so that you may book with confidence, should the government delay any easing of current restrictions or reintroduce restrictions we will offer an incentivised transfer to an alternative sailing date or a no quibble refund.

We sail out into the Thames Estuary and on to the Redsand Towers and sail around and between the towers for one hour (approx). Please note that X-Pilot has central heating, so there is somewhere to warm yourself up if sailing in the colder months. We limit our passenger capacity to 12 maximum to ensure you get the best experience with plenty of space to roam the vessel looking for that perfect shot.

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£64 per head (June, July & August) £59 per head (April, May & September) £54 per head (October-March) – Preferred Provider of The Maunsell Seaforts Appreciation Group on Facebook

Saturday 09/10/2021 Redsand Towers Trip 11:30 Viewing £54 Per Head
Sunday 24/10/2021 Redsand Towers Trip 11:30 Viewing £54 Per Head 
Saturday 06/11/2021 Sunset Special Redsand Towers Trip 14:00 Fully booked! £59 Per Head
Saturday 13/11/2021 Redsand Towers Trip 11:30 Viewing £54 Per Head
Sunday 05/12/2021 Redsand Towers Trip 11:30 Viewing £54 Per Head

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