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Grand Fort Tour

Grand Forts Tour sailing from Queenborough All Tide Landing

This superb seven plus hour adventure has to sail from Queenborough All Tide Landing (ME11 5AA) otherwise we’d be out for ten hours or so. Please note that X-Pilot has central heating, so there is somewhere to warm yourself up if sailing in the colder months. We visit ..

  • SS Richard Montgomery
  • Kentish Flats Windfarm
  • Grain Fort
  • Knock John Fort
  • Shivering Sands Towers
  • Redsand Towers

£82 per head (April-September) £72 per head (October-March) – £1 donated to Project Redsand CIO (UK Registered Charity No. 1172590) for every ticket purchased.

Saturday 04/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 09:00 Only three spaces left £82 Per Head
Sunday 05/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 10:00 Sold out!
Tuesday 07/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 12:00 Viewing £69 Per Head
Saturday 18/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 09:30 Viewing £82 Per Head
Sunday 19/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 10:00 Only one space left £82 Per Head
Tuesday 21/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 12:00 Viewing £69 Per Head
Saturday 01/09/2018 Grand Forts Tour 08:30 Viewing £82 Per Head

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