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X-Pilot is a charter vessel working mainly in the rivers Medway and Swale in Kent and the Thames Estuary and also rivers in Essex in the Southeast of England.
X-Pilot is licensed by the Port of London Authority for boat hire.

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Vouchers for any Sailing

We also offer the opportunity to buy a voucher for any future sailing not yet advertised. This is a great idea for a Christmas present or a Birthday gift with the added bonus of protecting you from any future price increases.

There are different types of voucher for different sailings that you can buy for as many spaces as you like up to our maximum passenger capacity of twelve.

Grand Forts Tour

Sail from Queenborough All Tide Landing (ME11 5AA) on a superb seven hour approx. adventure.

  • SS Richard Montgomery
  • Grain Fort
  • Knock John Fort
  • Shivering Sands Towers
  • Redsand Towers.

£82 per head (April-September) £72 per head (October-March)

Queenborough Standard Towers Sailing

Sail from Queenborough All Tide Landing (ME11 5AA) to the Redsand Towers
Four and a half hour trip (approximately).

  • Thames Estuary
  • Redsand Towers

Spend an hour sailing around and between the towers.

£56 per head (April-September) £50 per head (October-March)

Rochester Standard Sailing

Sail from Rochester Pier (ME1 1SW) to the Redsand Towers

Six and a half hour trip (approximately)

  • Rochester Castle
  • Chatham Historic Dockyard
  • Napoleonic Forts
  • Redsand Towers

Spend an hour sailing around and between the towers.

£69 per head


Trips to the World War II Maunsell Fort – the Redsand Towers, also a 60s Pirate Radio Base, off the Southeast coast of England

We sail regular trips, during Spring and Summer but things slow down a bit in Winter, to the Maunsell Fort from the All Tide Landing at Queenborough (ME11 5AA) in the county of Kent in the Southeast of England. The full details are also posted on our Facebook page and you can call on 01795 487568 (All enquiries best for booking & to speak to either the Captain or Owner), 07952 784311 (Captain Alan’s Mobile best for technical details) or 07960 574821 (Owner Martin’s mobile also for booking) to make a booking and for payment details. Please note that we do have central heating on X-Pilot, so for bookings during the colder months you do have somewhere to warm up.

Tuesday 07/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 12:00 Sold Out! Sold out!
Saturday 11/08/2018 Standard Towers 10:30 Viewing £56 Per Head
Sunday 12/08/2018 Standard Towers 10:30 Viewing £56 Per Head
Saturday 18/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 09:30 Sold out! Sold out!
Sunday 19/08/2018 Grand Forts Tour 10:00 Sold out! Sold out!
Tuesday 21/08/2018 Grand Forts Tours 12:00 Sold out! Sold out!
Saturday 25/08/2018 Project Redsand CIO Work Party
Sunday 26/08/2018 Project Redsand CIO Work Party
BH Mon 27/08/2018 Standard Towers 10:30 Viewing £56 Per Head
Saturday 01/09/2018 Grand Forts Tour 08:30 Viewing £82 Per Head
Sunday 09/09/2018 Standard Towers 10:30 Viewing £56 Per Head

These are all non-boarding or, as we describe them, viewing trips, but they are still the best way to see and photograph the towers because X-Pilot is the official Project Redsand supply vessel and we can get closer than any other vessel! On these trips you can expect to spend one hour sailing between, through and around the towers offering some exceptional opportunities for photography. Please note that return times, especially on trips from Rochester and Grand Forts Tours, are approximate.

Alan Harmer, the Captain of X-Pilot, and Martin Harmer, the Owner of X-Pilot, welcome your call if you wish to discuss the details or have any questions. Both Alan and Martin can be contacted on 01634 301910. You can also call Martin on 07960 574821 where you can leave a message and be called back or Alan on 07952 784311.

The Small Print
All sailings are subject to the weather and tidal restrictions. Payment for individual bookings is in advance and becomes non-refundable seven days prior to the sailing date. Hire of the boat for a party is payable in advance. Hire of the boat is non-refundable. Every effort will be made to find a mutually suitable alternative date should the trip be cancelled due to the weather. Should you need to cancel your trip due to personal reasons we will be happy to discuss this and provisionally arrange a mutually suitable alternative provided we are given a minimum of 24 hours notice.

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