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Trips to the WWII Redsand Towers 2017

X-Pilot Official Project Redsand Supply Vessel

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The Redsand Tower Trips, are non-boarding or, as we describe them, viewing trips, but they are still the best way to see and photograph the towers because X-Pilot is the official Project Redsand supply vessel and we can get closer than any other vessel! On the standard trips you can expect to spend one hour sailing between, through and around the towers offering some exceptional opportunities for photography. Please note that return times, especially on trips from Rochester and the Grand Forts Tours, are approximate.

The trips from Rochester Pier (ME1 1SW) sail from opposite Rochester Castle. The Redsand Towers Trips from Rochester sail past Chatham Historic Dockyard, between the Napoleonic Forts, out into the Thames Estuary and on to the Redsand Towers and last approximately 6 hours.

The Redsand Tower Trips from Queenborough sail from the All Tide Landing (ME11 5AA) and last approximately 4 hours.

Both departure points are in the county of Kent in the Southeast of England.

The Grand Forts Tour is a superb eight plus hour adventure and has to sail from Queenborough All Tide Landing (ME11 5AA) because otherwise it would be a ten or eleven hour trip! We sail to the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery, the Grain Fort, the Knock John Fort, the Shivering Sands Towers and the Redsand Towers.

You can call on 01634 301910 (all enquiries or booking) or or 07960 574821 to make a booking and for payment details. Alternatively xpilot@blueyonder.co.uk is our email address. We always respond to answerphone messages but if contacting us from overseas it may be best to email.


Over the recent years X-Pilot has done a lot of exciting marine filming and photograpy work with various Television and Video making companies and even some radio recording. X-Pilot was used in the filming of Prodigy’s ‘Invaders Must Die’ video at the Maunsell Forts off the coast of Whitstable in Kent. BBC’s ‘Coast’ filmed aboard X-Pilot with Neil Oliver. The website Heritage Key filmed with X-Pilot on the Thames, see the YouTube video below to view the results, including a brief interview with Alan, the skipper, at the beginning. CBBC filmed with X-Pilot, again at the Maunsell Forts, for the first series of ‘All Over The Place’. X-Pilot was hired to record the BBC’s Marine Shipping Forecast as it was broadcast live and to record marine sounds of a vessel sailing late at night for a project touring the world and starting off in Tel-Aviv. BBC South East worked with X-Pilot filming a story about the pros and cons of windfarms. E4 came to film aboard X-Pilot in Whitstable Harbour for an episode of the fashion model show ‘Dirty Sexy Things’ which saw the poor models wearing rotting fish as fashion! X-Pilot has gone international as well, filming with ARD Television from Germany and for the show ‘Thalassa’ on the French Televion channel France 3, and you can click on the first You Tube link below to see an extract from the show ‘Thalassa’. Most recently X-Pilot has been filming with BBC News, BBC South East and the RSPB covering the proposed airport in the Thames estuary, and some of the results will shortly be available to view on the RSPB website.

London’s Defences

Jamie Hobbis takes a trip through the Thames Estuary and sees the various defences in London’s history. Leaving from Whitstable and going to see the Redsand Towers, which were used as aerial attack posts during World War Two and would later be used as a base for pirate radio stations. Jamie’s boat trip then takes him through London’s defence against Mother Nature – the Thames Barrier which is there to prevent flooding. Finally, he goes to see the White Tower of the Tower of London, and learn how its structural dominance over the city set out its power.



Havengore Education and Leadership Mission

X-Pilot has also worked with H.E.L.M (the Havengore Education and Leadership Mission) conducting children’s educational river trips of the Medway in conjunction with the local education authority, partly funded by the National Lottery.

We had the pleasure of meeting children and staff from Parkwood Junior, Hempstead Junior, All Saints Primary, St Margaret’s Junior, All Hallows Primary, St Benedict’s Primary and Featherby Junior schools in the Medway towns.

All the children were a delight to have on board and particularly enjoyed their chance to take the helm of X-Pilot under the Captain’s supervision.

At the bottom of this page is an example of artwork by children inspired by their trip aboard X-Pilot.

We are now able to offer educational trips on a private basis, so if your school or club are interested please contact us for the full details.

Thanks to Keith, a fisherman, who kindly sent us a wonderful photo of X-Pilot out on a school trip



Supporting Project Redsand

Exclusive offer for trips and a chance to board the Thames Estuary, Redsand Fort, make a booking at
www.x-pilot.co.uk. X-Pilot and Project Redsand working together to preserve Britain’s heritage.

X-Pilot is now helping Project Redsand with the restoration of the World War II forts in the Thames Estuary, seven miles off Whitstable. Boarding the forts may be possible on trips to view the Maunsell Forts, weather conditions permitting, but is not for the faint of heart!

Most recently X-Pilot helped with Red Sands Radio Revival, a 10 day broadcast from 14th – 23rd July 2007 and again on 4th – 13th July 2008.

Visit the Project web site and give any support you can.