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Monthly Archive July 1, 2007

Supporting Project Redsand

Exclusive offer for trips and a chance to board the Thames Estuary, Redsand Fort, make a booking at
www.x-pilot.co.uk. X-Pilot and Project Redsand working together to preserve Britain’s heritage.

X-Pilot is now helping Project Redsand with the restoration of the World War II forts in the Thames Estuary, seven miles off Whitstable. Boarding the forts may be possible on trips to view the Maunsell Forts, weather conditions permitting, but is not for the faint of heart!

Most recently X-Pilot helped with Red Sands Radio Revival, a 10 day broadcast from 14th – 23rd July 2007 and again on 4th – 13th July 2008.

Visit the Project web site and give any support you can.